Monday, June 29, 2009

why does this exist?

umm, soo, blogging...seemed like a good idea...also, i like to copy Claire in everything she does.

i thought i'd mildly stun two birds with one stone, so this blog will be both a) a place for my recent attempts (again) at poetry writing and b) updates on my life in Chicago.

For those who don't keep up on my life (mainly because I'm pretty bad at keeping people up on me, due to my allergic reaction to talking about myself), I will be moving to Chicago in a little over a month. I'll be attending Loyola Chicago and doing a dual-degree program in Social Work and Social Justice. I'll also be living with a rad girl named Chrissy who I will meet for the first time in a week. And I'll get to spend time with all those people who I sort of forgot moved to the Midwest all these years ago, as well as new friends, and my super-rad cousin! So, that's MY next three years...

It's a little funny to be starting a blog, since a blog's been responsible for some of my most painful moments over the past 2 years (did you know my sister and I were harassed via blog by a rabidly conservative Catholic? We were. Good times.)

So, anyways! Welcome to here! Thanks for keeping up on my life! I hope your life's swell, too!