Monday, November 30, 2009

what i was doing when i learned my friends got arrested...

...which may be why my friends are so much more productive as activists than i am...

Don't Pretend This Is an Allegory for Life

sitting at the back of the train
reduces the whole world
to light & sound.
everything is garish,
collision seems imminent,
& the only things you can see
are the places you've already been.

but the tracks are all well-marked
so you know just how to navigate yourself
around destruction...
or into it.
which helps, i guess.

and you get to catch people off-guard,
& see what they look like
coming & going
from places they love
or can't stand

screaming past the backends of houses
is a reel-to-reel of vignettes
of other people's lives
in 2 second increments.
it's a lot of tvs
& crying
& odd taste in furniture.
sometimes there's a kiss
that no one was supposed to see.

and after you've watched
miles of strangers flash by,
you're the last person to know
that you've arrived safely
at your final destination.

the imminent collision
must just have passed you by.

1 comment:

  1. so lovely, I always enjoy standing in the midst of your words and looking around the world from that platform, can't wait to hear you read them at an open mic soon ;)